The Blasla Hof Tale

The origins of the Untersteiner family

The first human settlements in Untersteiner were over a thousand years ago. The location was perfect: the forest offered protection against bad weather, avalanches and more; there was plenty of water; and there was land which could be cultivated, and plenty of sunshine to make things grow.

Even the ground had much to offer: as the name "Untersteiner" (under the stone) implies, the land was very rich in stones, perfect for construction.

The history
A long
family history
Tradition and

17th century: three men lived with their families at the Untersteiner farm. One was called Blasius (hence the name "Blasla Hof / Blasla Hof"), the other two Joggl and Gallus.

1882 a fire destroyed the Untersteiner farm. The three men decided to build a farm each. These farms survive to this day and are called "Blasla", "Galla" and "Jougla".

1937 Blasius Mooswalder, named after our Patron, protector of the valley, passed on. His heir was his niece Elisabeth Haberer, who married Vinzenz Steger. Elisabeth died after only a few years of marriage. Vinzenz remarried, but unfortunately his second wife died too. Martin's grandfather was faced with bringing up his 4 children (Stachan, Tennigan, Blasla Vinzenz, Lise) by himself and went through a very difficult time.

1966 Vinzenz II got engaged to and married Maria Untersteiner, who is now the queen of the kitchen. Together they work on the "Bauernhöfl" (the farm). They finally decided to set up a second business and they were the first family in the Val Casies to create a holiday farm.

1973 the first guests arrived, and Martin was born that same year.

1990 Martin went to college to study hotel management and gained a number of qualifications: as cook, waiter, receptionist and masseur.

2002 Martin met Iris and three years later their first son Jonas Vinzenz was born.

2011 their second son, Paul, was born.

Today: The family continues to run the business in peace and harmony. Now you know why the Blasla farm, the Blasla Hof, is a 4-star family-run business rich in tradition and memories.

Traditions and Holidays 
at the Blasla Hof

  • Sunday: Sunday is family day!
  • 3 February: on the day of San Biagio we celebrate our Patron Saint, and we cook for all our guests.
  • Easter: we weave palm fronds on Palm Sunday. On Ash Wednesday we paint Easter eggs together.
  • Sunday of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: we all get together to watch the bonfires lit in the area.
  • 11 November: the family celebrates the Day of the Church.
  • Christmas: at Christmas time we disperse smoke around the home and courtyard to ward off bad luck, and we prepare typical Christmas sweets, ginger biscuits and gingerbread. The Three Wise Men come to visit us to bless the house.  
  • New Year: on new year's day, the children do a round of the houses and tell the most beautiful stories of the new year. As a reward they receive sweets, some coins or other small gifts.
Mores & customs
of South Tyrol
Disperse smoke around the home
The mores
of Tyrol

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