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Love the simple life!

In this increasingly frantic world where there is so much noise and chaos, is it still possible to spend some time to oneself and let one's imagination run wild? Where can we go when we feel the need to rest, to rediscover the true values and basics of a simple life?

You can feel at home at the Blasla.

Slow down, take a break, go back to basics and savour the true taste of life. At the Blasla Hof, we treasure the simple things in life. Here, respect for nature comes first, and customs and traditions are kept alive with a desire to live in a genuine way, as in times past. By leading a simple life in harmony with nature, you can always feel sustained and satisfied. A simple life is suitable for everyone, and not just families. It is also recommended for couples who want to enjoy a more intimate holiday in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The time we grant to ourselves is time that rewards us ...

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savour the true
taste of life

Real South Tyrolean craft - 100% handmade
Original & Authentic - wooden cabinet with photos and bowls
Handmade - wooden lamp in the Blasla Hof in Casies
real South Tyrolean craft
100% handmade

"You don't need much when you consciously choose to lead a simple life. Anything more just gives you a headache!"

Iris Steger

The Blasla Hof: Living according to Nature

Walls in fragrant wood where you can leave sweet messages, natural materials such as wool, linen and Loden, cushions and mattresses made of straw and sheep's wool, and felt slippers for the comfort of your feet, even though it is safe to walk barefoot at the Blasla Hof.

The rooms of our apartments are made with wood from our forests, cut when the phase of the moon is right. The structural work is based on criteria of eco-sustainability. You can cook together, bake bread, do the odd job or go for leisurely walks, and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. We have an Internet connection during the daytime only. Once you've settled into your apartment, you can hit the "peace and quiet" button ... There is no shame in that!

Wooden table with bowl at the Blasla Hof
Blasla Hof -
wonderful rooms
Wooden kitchen at the Blasla Hof in Valle di Casies
Handmade lamps at the Blasla Hof
A loving attention
to detail

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