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Il Blasla Hof a Valle di Casies
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Apartments & Holiday Village in Val Casies - Your Blasla Hof


We are delighted to welcome you to the Blasla!

At the Blasla Hof, we believe in following our heart and enjoying a simple and uncomplicated life! Granddad Vinzenz and Grandma Maria, their son Martin with his wife Iris and the little Vinzenz III and Paul would like to extend you a warm welcome to their 4-star-holiday apartments in the beautiful Val Casies.

Here, you can express yourself freely. We offer you a place of peace where you can rediscover the joys of a simple life and immerse yourself in the sunny valley with its meadows full of flowers, forests, torrents and streams.

Come and discover what we have to offer for your 4-star-holiday at the Blasla Hof!

Accolades: climate
Hotel Certification

Sustainable - Wood carving A sustainable building
method in every respect!

“Wood has characteristic rings that are formed every year and mark the passage of time. A very poetic feature for a building material.”

Architect Martin Gruber


... with all your senses. Run barefoot in the meadows full of flowers without fear of getting dirty, jump about in the hay, paddle in the stream, breathe in the scent of the fir trees and woods, and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Back to basics
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Green mountain landscape - enjoy the natural surroundings


Community and not the individual. Collaboration, not conflict. One for all, all for one. Forget the daily grind and make room for nature! Discover Val Casies with your loved ones, breathing in the pure mountain air and tasting the cool fresh water at the many springs.

Holiday for all the family
Feeling at home outdoors - hiking with the whole family


At the Blasla Hof you will find everything you need. The grounds, which cover 7,000 square metres (including the stream), are available for your enjoyment, a little well-deserved relaxation, some fun and games, and the fulfilment of all your dreams.

At the discovery of the area
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Discovery of the area - map of Blasla Hof Not just an "overnight stay" ...

The spirit of the forest & Yoga

According to the novel The Little Prince...“One must look with the heart”. Open your heart and enjoy wellness in harmony with nature: Take part in our yoga sessions, regain your balance. Embark on a journey of self-rediscovery during forest bathing and experience the pure simplicity of being alive.

The spirit of the forest & yoga at Blasla Hof

Man´s best friend

They are entertainers, motivational coaches, best buddies, companions, family members and so much more. Which is why they are obviously part of your holiday at Blaslahof!

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Vacation with a dog at Blasla Hof Four-legged friends welcome

The family all together
with much love and fun

The history of Blasla Hof in CasiesLaughing always does good ...

"This is all I need for a happy life: satisfaction, a family, a warm home and a place where the sun shines."

Iris Steger


... enjoy our breakfast buffet to start your day like a king, and savour delicious local fare in the evening. You can also try your hand at some typical delicacies such as Knödel dumplings or pancakes.

It's ready, come and tuck in! A love of cooking at the Blasla Hof
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Culinary - Barley soup and Tirtlan at the Blasla Hof


Treat yourself to a bit of relaxation: we have a cave pool, a Finnish sauna and a hay bath, and offer massages and beauty treatments, all in a wonderful natural setting. Or you can enjoy a romantic moment with your partner and a glass of sparkling wine in the jacuzzi.

A dip in relaxation
Cave swimming pool
Hay Bath
Wellness & Relax at the Blasla Hof

Alone at last.

Breathe deeply. Luxuriate in the soft and sweetly scented mountain air and the heavenly setting of the Valle di Casies. Enjoy some quality time with your partner. Admire the splendid Dolomites from every angle. Free your mind. Live in the moment. So much is in store for you here …

Active holidays
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Active holidays - Moments in two Moments in two ...

Alpine fun & hut flair

There is a place where mobile phones becomes obsolete and all worries become secondary: at around 1,700 m above sea level, in the middle of the Gsiesertal valley, on our farm’s own alpine pasture! Here you can still find the picture-book alpine idyll ... with lively bubbling mountain streams, fragrant mountain air and an untouched natural landscape. Weather permitting, we invite you to join us on a hike to the Blasla alpine hut!

Alpine fun & hut flair in Casies

Have a good rest!

Four types of apartment
for you and your loved ones

New chalet houses with feel-good factor at the Blasla Hof
New chalet houses
with feel-good factor

Each piece of furniture is in wood and has been assembled without glue. All around, nature reigns supreme: in the forest and mountain stream, in the green pastures of the valley ...

Rustic apartments in the old barn in Valle di Casies
Rustic apartments
in the old barn

The barn has been converted into rustic apartments in the Tyrolean style. All the apartments are very comfortable, entirely made of wood, ...

Our Almsuite in Casies - Nature in its purest state
Almsuite -
Nature in its purest state ...

The Malga Suites in the complex are insulated with sheep's wool, out of respect for nature ...

Our Main House in Casies - modern and well-equipped suites
Main House - Modern and well-equipped suites

The "Suites" in the main house afford a splendid view of the Dolomites or our meadows, and are furnished with love and care ...

When would you like to come?


What do our guests say about us

"We spent 5 days at Blaslahof in a very warm, comfortable apartment. The family is very friendly, the restaurant is excellent, the location is perfect for cross country skiing, hiking or just relaxing. Blaslahof is the place you want to stay if you are looking for a great vacation with full comforts.“


"We had a great stay at Blaslahof in early July. The place is amazing, wonderful views, clean, quiet ambience. Martin and Iris are great hosts, they made us feel at home and their food was delicious.“


"Flowering fields, rustling forests and magnificent mountains on all sides, ... so quiet. Helpful staff, traditional farm-like accommodation, great environment.“


"Naturalness. Mountains and nearby forest. Family business. Silence. Much to see nearby."


"The room was really nice and original - everything made of wood. Breakfast was really rich and good. Owners helped us find a trip for the next day."


"A place for a magic interlude to life. The attentiveness of the hosts. The location. Very comfortable beds and bedroom. Free bikes and advice on where to go. The variety of breakfast food. The evening meals were excellent too."

Sun set

"When you're surrounded by nature
and the peace of the woods and meadows,
what more could you possibly want?"