Activities for Families & Children

Because family always comes first …

Run barefoot in the fields, have a tussle and play with the toy kitchen - whizz down the slide or touch the sky on the swing... even your children will love the holiday! They can take a ride on the tractor and visit our neighbour Florian and his cows; here, children can run, have fun, paddle in the stream, and feel finally free to wander in nature!

They can play in the woods or in the tree house, eat delicious ice cream or go ghost hunting and look for hidden sweets. And there is a games room in what used to be a hay loft ...

Family summer days
Family winter days

in nature

Play area for kids at the Blasla Hof in Val Casies
Excursions with children in nature - summer fun
Fly high with the swing - Playground at the Blasla Hof in Val Casies
Fly high ...
with the swing

"Children are happy to play on their own - if we give them the chance. The most important thing we can do is let them run wild with their imagination ..."

Iris Steger

Children are part of the family and it is only natural to want to spend as much time with them as possible. It is precisely for this reason that we have created an environment where children can do what they want and look for new adventures, fool around and simply be themselves. They can make use of the grounds covering 7,000 m² (including the stream) around our house, away from traffic and all cars and surrounded by nature.

The inquisitive eyes of children do not need new technologies: a stream, a wood and a little imagination are enough for them. And all this can be found here during your 4-star holidays at the Blasla Hof.

Family excursions in Val Casies and surroundings

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