Sustainable holidays at the Bio Hotel Blasla Hof - South Tyrol

And I say to myself,
what a wonderful world …

… sang Louis Armstrong in 1967, touching the hearts of so many people.

The world is still wonderful, but how long will it remain so?
How long before what we know now becomes just a beautiful memory, and what can we do to prevent it?

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails”


... as Seneca famously said. However, these fine words must be translated into actions if we are to combat man-made climate change. It depends not only on the concerted actions of the industrialised economies, but also on the efforts of every individual.

We at the Bio Hotel Blasla Hof are also ready to take responsibility for the world we will leave to our children and grandchildren.

Hotel in wood construction
Glue and metal free
A heart for wood
A heart
for wood

Accolades: climate Hotel Certification

The Blasla Hof is certified as an environmentally friendly hotel* and a winner in the ecological category.
In cooperation with Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG, we have assessed our climate impact.

To reduce our CO2 ecological footprint by a half, we have purchased 36 climate protection certificates for 2021 and 2022.

Through these certificates we support a reforestation project in Uruguay and a rainforest protection programme in Peru.

Ecological footprint

*Pssst! What does “protecting the environment” really mean in this context?
The greenhouse gases generated in one part of the world can be offset in other places through environmental protection projects. To finance these projects, you can purchase carbon credits (for biomass systems, cooking units, solar energy, forest protection, hydroelectric or wind energy schemes). Each certificate is equivalent to one ton of CO2. Why support international projects? Climate change is global. It does not matter where the emissions are either created or reduced, what finally counts is the overall quantity of greenhouse gases.

“Wood has characteristic rings that are formed every year and mark the passage of time. A very poetic feature for a building material.”

Architect Martin Gruber

Ecological: a sustainable building method in every respect

A building is not necessarily ecological just because it is made of wood. Only those people who avoid using harmful substances and materials such as glue and metal during the building process can rightly be called ecological pioneers when it comes to sustainable architecture.

Building without the use of glue or metal has an obvious advantage: the structure is totally recyclable right from the start.

Not only the outside, but the inside as well. A “Holzius” solid wood building is therefore not just a versatile living space, but also acts as a “carbon bank” and so helps maintain the ecological balance.

Architecture as a statement: images that move you

Nature is beautiful. Nobody asks the reason why.
It does not conform to the classic standards of beauty dictated by social norms. Nature is beautiful. In all its many forms. Its very imperfections make it perfect. Enough said! When we look at nature, we achieve a particular state of mind: a feeling of inner peace that seems incredibly right.

Martin Gruber has made this familiar beauty visible and tangible in his architecture, making it the basis of his personal philosophy. However, he has never wished to play the part of God, or to produce designs that inflate his ego. The Blasla Hof represents an alternative. An “opposite” way of doing things, and a blueprint for what is to come.

“Planning ahead is important. But so is looking back, to help us understand how people did things in the past. Because what is so special about these buildings that they are still standing after 300 years, and indeed becoming increasingly beautiful?”

Architect Martin Gruber

In terms of its structure, the Blasla Hof is still a traditional farm: with a main building and a barn, a shed and a stube. The new building has been constructed using reversible planks of solid wood. Not a single drop of glue, or a single nail, was used in its construction. The wood comes from our forest, and was felled during the right phase of the moon one year before building work began. The scent of the forest remains in the walls to this day.

There are no anonymous hotel corridors in any part of the building. So, what do we have instead? An inner courtyard that keeps you in touch with your surroundings and the seasons. Our herb garden helps you feel close to nature before you enter your private living space, so you can watch a passing hornet or admire the beauty of a flower.

Nature is beautiful. And so is the Blasla Hof.

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