Alpine Cabin Feeling

Located at the cool altitude
of 1700 metres

Have you ever yearned to stay in a place where you can forget all your worries? Either alone or with friends or family. Where you can collect wood and light a fire, and bask in its natural warmth and glow. And where you can snuggle down and read a good book, sip a glass of wine or have a pleasant chat.

Alpine Cabin
Our mountain Lodge, 
the "Blasla hut"
Living room
A hut
all for you

Chalet Blasla is situated at 1700 metres and is made from 400-year-old wood, and this already says much about its history. Forget your mobile phone and television.You can cool your legs by immersing them in the mountain stream. Crystal clear spring water and pure air are just what you need for a truly special holiday. Get back to basics, and a simple way of life ...

Get back to basics

Get back to basics,
and a simple way of life


Alpine Cabin


  • 1st floor: kitchen with dishwasher, large living area, fireplace, sauna with view of the mountains, and a wonderful relaxation area.
  • 2nd floor: bedroom in the hayloft for young and elder children, adult bedroom with observatory.
  • All the furniture is made with the 400-year-old wood of the old hut, while the floors and walls are covered with responsibly sourced wood.

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